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I had been taking Atenolol for a number of years.Last year I was admitted to hospital with severe chest pains and as I had had heart problems in 2001 it was suspected that I was once having problems in that area.My pulse rate was thirty five Atenolol was causing Bradycardia. Since ceasing taking it another side effect this medication was causing was that in the winter I was suffering badly from cold weather conversely in the summer I could not tolerate hot weather Atenolol was the cause

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Can I just stop taking Atenolol 25mg a beta blocker and start taking Cartia XT a calcium channel blocker the next day. Dr. did not say.

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I ended in Emergency room thrice in 3 weeks due to palpitation and heavy sweating in early morning hours around 5 AM. The combination of atenalol & synthroid seems to have caused it, though doctors could not explain the reasons. They even kept me in the hospital overnight for observation. I am a healthy 72 year old with exercise habits. It is obvious pharmacology is not a popular subject in medical schools! Now I take medication with two hour gap thanks to Mediguard. The problem never came back!

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My doctor said this is the medication she takes and recommended it to me over 20 years ago. It has worked very well for me without any known side effects. I also spoke with a nurse that takes it also.

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i took antenolol for a couple of years. developed a terrible men,s sexual health disease called "peyronie,s".
search around various peyronie,s support forums. most of the men took atenolol before they got peyronie,s.
it mentions it on the label as a possible side effect.
if you get peyronie,s you are in a major kind of trouble.
just about kiss your sex life good bye forever.

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I have been taking atenolol since 1985. I was diagnosed with tachycardia. This medication was a godsend for me. I have had 5 or 6 tachycardia incidents since 1985, but all have been manageable. I also take terazosin and losartin along with one baby aspirin a day to manage my blood pressure. This "cocktail" of drugs has managed to keep my blood pressure at a stable 140/70 for sevral years now.

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After taking metoprolol for 17years I had to change to Ateneol for insurance reasons. Since then I have increased side effects and have been talking to doctor about gettting off. What is the safest way after taking beta-blockers for so long. Want to get off but very afraid of weaning.

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They tell me that you must wean yourself under a doctor's care. Why must you change from is an inexpensive to your Dr. this should not be happening...stay with the atenolol..ask your Dr. to approve it.

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I have been taking Atenolol 50 mg twice daily for over a year and my blood pressure has been great. No Known Bad Side Effects.

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I take Tenormin 50 mg in the evening; they have given me Atenolo on a few occasions and I have break through tachycardia when using Atenolo. Tenormin works much better with not problems.

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I checked with my eye doctor and he said there was no concern about atenolo and Combigan. The combigan was a liquid and the atenolo is a pill.

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I take Atenonol50mg twice ,once in the A.M and then again at bedtime,and i have had no problems with this med.Oh, my age is 57

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Have no problems w atenolol although I am suppose to take in the early am...I get no side affects and it works better than what I was on.

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I have had no problem with antenolol as long as I take it at bedtime--if I take it in the AM I do get some dizziness.

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I take atenolol twice a day...50 mg a pill. Sounds like it is making you dizzy because your BP is dipping too low...same thing happened to me when my Dr. prescribed a 100 mg dose...until I split the dosage to two 50 mg doses, 1 morning and 1 evening. Since problems.

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I'm a female 73 yrs. old and taking atelonol for 15 yrs. no side affects and regulate my blood pressure well .

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In checking with my doctor today, he assured me there was no problem. As my atenolol is in peel form and Comigan was in liquid form and used for glacoma. They work in different ways.

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I am taking Atenolol as a pain blocker for my migraines - and it works. I went from having migraines every 5-7 days to only having them every couple of months and their severity is not as high. I take half a tablet morning and night and the only side effects are dry mouth mainly at night and low pulse rate. Works for me.

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I have taken Atenolol for over ten years to treat my high blood pressure. I have noticed no side effects. The only thing I did notice is that I could not achieve the high heart rate that is posted in the gym. I had to realize that it was correct for me to be that way because my blood pressure medicines were meant to keep my heart rate low and those signs posted on the wall were for other gym goers to strive for and not for me and my cardio work outs.

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