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I was diagnosed with "brain shrinkage" a few months ago and the doc put me on 10 mg of Donepezil. No side effects. I month later, the dosage was doubled and whoa Nelly! The vivid dreams were not pleasant. I was no longer steady on my feet. It took a week to get over the side effects. The doc says there are lots of other drugs if this one didn't work but now I'm concerned. I know this type of medicine can't cure the disease but is it worth the experimentation?

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I'm 78 and have been taking Aricept for a couple of years now. I take it "just in case" because I don't think my memory is failing. A friend came with me to my doctor and during the conversation stated that I had a bad memory (I don't think I did). The doctor suggested Aricept. I don't know if it's helped my memory but my friends say my memory is fine and I don't think I have dementia or the like, at least that what my friends and my doctor says (although my ex might disagree).

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My mother (76) is on Donepezil (5 mg) for dementia/alzheimers (2 years). Doctor wanted 10 mg. but mom says she feels like she's going to faint on it. She quit the Nanenda. Complains about dizziness, confusion, blurry eyesight, dis-oriented. She's afraid to walk 1/2 block to the store alone. She's also on medroxyprogesterone, simvastatin 20mg, Lisinopril/Hctz and Levothyroxine. Her Doctor doesn't even understand why she is still having side effects. Anybody else having the same problems?

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My wife have been on Aricept for about 2 years. She is having a lot of diarrhea in the past few months. Can this be the result of taking aricept? She is also taking lisinopril, symvastatin, metformin and synthroid. Also some vitamin supplements. I will appreciate any advise. Thank you.

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Diarrhea has been reported with Aricept, lisinopril, simvastatin and metformin use.bIt is not a common side effect of Aricept, lisinopril or simvastatin. But it is a common side effect of metformin - about 10% of MediGuard members have reported diarrhea. It is a good idea to discuss this symptom with your doctor to make sure something more serious is not going on.

I have been taking Aricept for 7 ys now I'm 58 and have alot of memory problems sent if got sick. This drug works will and i can do everything for my self now. I don't have any side effects from this drug.

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My mom was on 1 Namenda and 1 Aricept. I cut her back to 1/2 of each and the diarrhea is gone. She weighs 120 and I think it was too much for her system. She does fine on the does I give her. I think diarrhea puts more people in nursing homes than anything else. It is such a pain to deal with. So adjust her meds and make your life easier. Her heart Dr. said sometimes the elderly need pediatric doses.

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I am a 54 year old woman who almost died from a MRSA infection in 2008. It caused my mitral valve to be destroyed, destroyed the retina in my right eye, gave me two different infections in each eye, gave me several strokes, and I wasn't expected to live. By the grace of God, I am still here. The neurologist put me on Aricept to help with my cognitive skills and I can say that it works for me. He said I don't have Alzheimer's, but I do have dementia. I can tell if I miss even one dose. I can't think as well, get confused. I have short term memory loss, and Aricept seems to help me a lot with that.

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I have been hearing from my druggist that an aricept generic will soon be available. This was in Nov. 2009. I see that this site says that there is a generic. What is it? Certainly it will be less expensive as Aricept has gone up in price three times within the last three months.

for a 76 yr. old female who takes Aricept 10mg plus Namenda 10mg with Divalproex Sodium 250 mg, generic for Depakote which, since added seems to be the most help for he condition.

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I, too have been on Aricept and Namenda for 5-6 years for Parkinsons. Recently, My Aricept was changed to the generic Donepezil. This seems to work the same and so far less expensive...I cannot believe what they have charged me in the past for this stuff. Now if we can get Namenda to go generic, we might have a change of living a little more comfy from money problems..

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There is a generic for Aricept. My father is now taking it. It's called Donepezil HCL TABS 10 MG. I'm not sure it's much cheaper. It costs $541.50 for 90 tablets through Medco pharmacy plan and he has to pay 20% of the cost = $108.30. We're not sure it works as well as Aricept since he's developed cellulitus and he's frequently gets diarrhea and loses control of his bowel and bladder. He's 85, so there could be something beside the switch to generics causing this. It might be coincidental.

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Donepezil is the generic for Aricept; works fine IMO.

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Yes there's a generic~!
It works the same, I see no difference, since my 58 year old husband began taking the generic as opposed to the name brand.

You have to price compare. Generic for Aricept 10mg...30 tablets is less than $20 at our local hospital pharmacy. But when I called a couple drug stores, they wanted $239.00 for 30 tables ... 10 mg

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I'm writing on behalf of my mom. She has become very depressed lately...and in the last 2 months has stopped cleaning, cooking, sewing, gardening and doing all the activities she used to enjoy. She also dwells on little problems, making a mountain out of a mole hill, as they say. This has all come about after the doctor put her on Aricept because of some mild forgetfulness. Could her symptoms be a result of this drug?????

Now the doc has put her on Zoloft, but no improvement.....just total lack of energy, and no interest in anything..... Your thoughts??

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My mom takes this medication and is only 66 and has been just diagnosed with early Alzheimers, and I am fearing that she is not taking her medication due to price. My mom works and her co-pays are still up there. Also, I've been told there should be a difference in and she should notice a difference immediately; is this true? She says she doesn't feel any difference and this could be another reason for not taking medication. I thought it was that she forgot to take it ; but she doesn't forget to take all her other meds. Any help would be appreciated. Vicar

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According to the Neurologist my mom sees, she will not feel any difference or improvements, but should not get any worse, at least for awhile. My mom just diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer's. Only thing this is suppose to do is slow the progression of the Alzheimer's Disease. Hope this helps!

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I have just been advised by my doctor to start aircept but am taking Wellbutrin, any adise befor I start?

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it really helps. i began taking it at age 39 after a stroke & head inj, my dr.started me on 5 mg, now i up to 10 mg. at the age of 46. aricpet has really helped improve my short-term memory loss a lot! this is a great medication!!

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Continue to take Aricept for a time, even if bothered by the side effects, to see if you can adjust to it and benefit from the drug's positive results.

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Although it took about 2 wks to see the effects, it has been overall an easy drug to take. I am taking it now with Namenda and it has been very successful.

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gather information and read before starting any drug.

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This may help lessen symptoms and anxiety

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I really do not see any improvement in memory loss. I suppose time will tell if it is doing its job.

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It works

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If you need it, take it.

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Please try as directed by your dr. be patient, in a couple of weeks the improvement will be very noticable.

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My dose is only 5MG taken with one low dose adult aspirin. I cannot really advise considering my condition. At my does level, it works. My blood pressure remains in an acceptable level for my age, 75, but fully realizing that Drs. now want the pressure at a young man's healthy level, I think.

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