Arformoterol (Arformoterol)


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Using Brovana 2x's a day for past 5 months. Causes me trouble sleeping, muscle cramps and high blood sugar. Have a doctors appt. in 2 weeks so I will see if he wants to change it or not. I also take Budesonide 2 x's a day and Spiriva once per day. I'm in stage 3 COPD.

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I have been using Brovana about a month. No side effects and the results have been very encouraging. I'm in stage 4 and nothing else was helping. Brovana has been a lifeline.

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I have experienced less side effects with Brovana than any other COPD/Asthma medication. I take 2 x a day and rarely need any other medication. I use Ventolin when needed.

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I am on my 2nd day/night using Brovana and Pulmicort.

I used the Pulmicort, 1st and then the Brovana, 2nd in the nebulizer. I will update this after a full week of usage and detail any noticeable changes with physical or mental behaviors.

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