Antara (Fenofibrate)


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Pourquoi un Médecin au courant des effets indésirables "crapes noctures" entre eutres,s'obstite-t-il à prescrie ce médicament ? ;effets signalés de puis XX années..............pris depuis 12 ans? Vésinet ??Un Vieilllard A.J.

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This has really helped my cholesterol numbers come down even further, Crestor which i take at night brought them way down, but using this in the morning has really helped even more and my good cholesterol has went up too. I am very happy with the results of this medication, I haven't had any side effects either and I've been on it for almost a year now.

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When everyone is saying leg cramps are any of you speaking about achy legs where they keep you awake and you have to get up and walk around? I know what a charley horse is and I am not sure if you are speaking of that when you say leg cramps. I am on 145 finofibrate and 40 mg of crestor. Crestor has been the only statin that broke my numbers. 2 years ago I had a heart attack and had to make a decision to stay on it or drop it. . I am Blessed~

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I take the generic of lofibra and c restor[5mg] I do get the leg cramps but I will not change the meds for all the tea in China. The cramps disappear after a while [they come under the toes as if I have stretched and pulled something.As long as my cholestrol stays under 200, I will put up with the cramps.

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I had been taking Lipitor from 10 mg - 40mg (current dose) tabs for 15 years and Tricor for about the last 6 years. My insurance will no longer cover Tricor so the substitue is Lipofen and they also won't pay for Lipitor since the recent release of the generic version Atorvastatin. I myself haven't noticed and changes at all and my blood work is always in the good zone!

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I am 86 years old and have been on fenofibrate for 5 years because of high cholesterol, my level is now low with no known side effects.

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I have been taking this for about 6 months. I have noticed a very itchy, painful rash on the back of my fingers, between my fingers and the back of my knees which has increased in severity in the last 4 months. Could this be an allergic reaction to this medication?

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I have been taking Tricor since 2002 to treat high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and recently CVS Pharmacy informed me that they are no longer able to obtain Tricor, so my physician has prescribed Fenofibrate 134 mg as a substitute.

If the formula and mechanism is the same as the Tricor, I have done very, very well in maintaining good overall cholesterol readings, in addition to having good HDL, LDL, and triglyceride levels while on Tricor. My liver function tests have been good.

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71 – MediGuard

I decided to quit taking Lovastan and fibrite as they were not absolutely neccesary. takeing niacin, krill ail and evening of primrose instead.

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Dr just started me on 200 mg of fenofibrate to help with triglyceride levels, but I'm already taking simvastatin and read that the two shouldn't be combined. Is this true, and should I talk to my Dr about taking one or the other?

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My doctor in Jacksonville is rated as one of top internal medicine doctors in Fla., he took me OFF simvastatin specifically because it reacts negatively with Fenofibrate--used to reduce triglyceride levels. Pravastatin was used to replace Simvastatin by my doctor.

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My Dr took me off of Tricor and put me on Fenofibrate because my new insurance company wouldn't pay for the Tricor. I didn't really relate it until now after reading these other posts, but I have become almost totally incapacipated due to muscle pain and cramping to the point that I am now not able to walk more than a few steps. I am in a scooter chair all the time. Could this really be due to the change in medicines?

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Take Ultra C0Q10 with the Fenofibrate or any Chloestrol lowering meds and you will not suffer from cramps in the legs, feet, etc. C0Q10 helps with the muscle pain as Chloestral meds take the natural COQ10 from the muscle and that is what causes the cramps. Hope this may help as it did for me and many other people that I talk with. Thanks Sue

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Tricor is Fenofibrate. Fenofibrate is just the generic name for Tricor. They do cause leg cramps which I get from time to time, but if they put you in a scooter chair all the time you need to quit taking them and change doctors.

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I took tricor, and after a year I couldn't move without severe pain in every joint, I stopped taking it and now the pain is gone! What does that tell you

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47 year old female, Statins have given me tremendous muscle pain all in my back. I was on them for years and did not realize this was the cause of my pain, I took myself off them and now I have permanent back pain.

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What was the specific genetic test result that identified the muscle damage. I was given the test and told I tested posotive but was never told what the cause of the side affect was. It took almost 2 years for the Doctors to identify it in me, I understand the ongoing pain.

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I am a 59 year old female on Tricor about 3 years. Cannot tolerate statins, now confrmed via 23&me gentic testing. Absolutely no side affects with Tricor. Always had reflux, no change in that. Tricor is improving my numbers adequately. All in my family run high chloesterol, father is 87 and going strong, mother is 85.

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I developed vitamin D deficiency. Went off Tricor and vitamin D levels are finally back to normal after 2 months. Has the reduction in fats (from taking Tricor) reduced my bodies ability to manufacture or process vitamin D( a fat soluble vitamin)? No one seems able to answer this despite there being a lot of web chatter suggesting the same situation.

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Ques-67 y/o male Started Tricor 48mg for Trigycerides--weight loss inhibited diahrea,reflux inspite of taking Omeprazole.What about Lovasa instead--concentrated fish oil.Dr offered to sub for Tricor but at 4G-4 pills a day which I read is dosage for 500 +--mine in 200 range
read in comments dosage differs for Tricor vs feno what is feno dosage for 48mg and 167 mg of Tricor -trying to save money

also taking omeprazole(reflux) Lisinopril (BP)simvastatin(cholestoral)

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