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Is Alli Safe to take / When you are on Plavex.

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78 year male with type 2 diabetes. After switching to a low fat diet for a week, I started taking Alli (Orlistat) 60 mg a month ago. Weight dropped from 205 to 195. I have only experienced diareah rarely. I keep my fat intake to under 60gm per day. Another benefit: my glucose readings have gone down and it should also lower my triglyceride level.(which gets tested next month). The120 mg price is shocking ($750 to $1000) The 60 mg dose can be bought over the counter for $50.

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Can anyone tell me how well Alli worked for them? How much did you take? How much weight did you lose?

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I have been taking Oralistat for around 1 1/2 years. I decided to only take it if the meal contained fat and that has worked well for me. I have had no uncomfortable or inconvenient side effects from it, but I can always tell when it has worked by seeing the oily residue in my stool. I lost weight the first four months I took it, when I reached close to my goal weight, and since then it has helped me keep from gaining the weight back. Happy with ALLI in Georgia

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I have only been taking Orlistat for a month at the minute but I havnt had any side effects I have noticed also I have lost 1 stone 3 pounds in only that time, I am still taking these and will add further comments at a later date.

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I have been taking Xenical for five years. I have had mainly positive benefits in that I have lost over 12 kgs. However, I tend to eat fat more on this medication in the knowledge that it will prevent absorption of approximately a third of my fat intake.

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I have been using Alli for two months and so far, as long as I stick to the recommended 15 grams of fat or less per meal, I've had no side effects. My weight is going down slowly.

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As Alli is expensive,I thought I would only take it when a meal contained fat. Would I still have weight loss?

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All prescritions are free for over 65 in the UK but only if your doctor approves these . Best way is to get an appointmnet at a weight mangment clinic(free) and ask them to get your doctor to prescribe Orlistat. It is still only part of a diet regime and not the only method. Free dietary advice is avaiable in the UK from NHS dieticians and Weight Management NHS groups

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how should i feel after taking xanecal for 1 week. i do not go to the bath room and i have a loot of gas is this normal

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I bleed heavily while taking Xenical.

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I'm a nusing mother, can I use orlistat 120 ml. in order to lose weight that I have gained during pregnancy. pls advice!

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Everything that you ingest is filtered through your breast milk and will wind up in the baby's body. The answer is NO, do not use this while breastfeeding. There is plenty of time to lose the weight once you stop nursing. In addition, nursing happens to be the body's way of naturally aiding you in losing the pregnancy pounds, just check with your doctor.

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GI affects really can be severe, so be mindful of when you take the pills, as it can be socially difficult when symptoms arise unexpectedly.

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It is very easy to take. Minimal side effects. It has results.

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Change your diet before you start taking Orlistat to minimize side effects. Be very aware of how much fat you are eating.

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Make sure to eat healthy and exercise daily.

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yes wear a depens diaper or your clothing will get ruiened from oil type discharges and loose or unontrolable diareah.

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