Adcirca (Tadalafil)


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si usted tiene 67 años y su esposa 35 y tiene que tomar cialis tiene un grabe problema de percepcion de su pareja

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Anyone been on Rapaflo for BPH and then switched to Cialis - better results?

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I am quite satisfied with the 5mg daily Cialis. It is probably the best BPH medication I have experienced so far. I don't get up in the middle of the night any more, I can wait until the next rest area when traveling, and I don't have to straddle the toilet bowl and urinate by sound. As for the ED effectiveness, I am 78, my partner is 70, and the sex life is now above my pay grade. But it is there when the mood and opportunity happen to coincide.

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yes cialis is better for me than any other ed medication and recently tried buying cialis black online which was a waste of money as only had about a tenth of the effectiveness of brand cialis.i did find levitra quite good and certainly better than viagra!!!

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It's generic in Canada....tadalafil

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58.9 yr old male: Over the last 15 years, I've taken all current treatments for ED and by far the most bang for the buck (so to speak) is Cialis! I've tried the 20 mg 10, 5 and the 2.5 size. The 5 mg seems to be about the lowest dosage that gives me a good lift with a big smile at the end.. I'm diabetic and with all my meds and such, I'm confident with very limited side-effects. I don't take it daily ~ 1 day lead and BANG! According to need~works great for us! Very adequate. Ditto Ins:{o

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Cialis 2.5mg for daily use is really convenient and works great for me. Too bad my insurance doesn't pay for it.

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Question: Is cialis good for a middle 80 fair health enjoying all of life pleasures so far.

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i prefer generic cialis and i buy it online on doctor-america

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is there a generic form of cialis?

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Is cialis safe for a middle 80 year old?

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At 80+ years of age i would recommend talking to your doctor first

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Better than viagra, but gives me heartburn symptoms.

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I am a 58 year old male that has used every E.D. medication there is. The best, without question is the new way that Cialis can be prescribed. It can now be prescribed 1 - 5mg tablet once a day, 30 tablets per month. It is also much cheaper taking it that way and much more effective. Before it was the 36 hour tablet, now it is the anytime you want to tablet, as many times as you want to!!!!! Due to nerve damage from an accident, my case was pretty severe. All three tablets that are available worked for me about 80% and only for about 15 minutes. With the one a day Cialis I am about 95% for as long as I wish to be. At my age usually about an hour to an hour and a half. The really great thing though, if an hour later I decide I am ready to go some more, NO PROBLEM!!!!!!!! The only side effects I have experienced has been some problems focusing my eyes completely a couple of times, but cosider the fact that I do wear Trifocals, I have focusing problems quiet often. For me, it is the only E.D. drug that works for me.

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Everytime I took cialis (10mg), after a few days, I felt pain on the vein on my left knee as if it is being overstretch, usually the pain will last for 3 to 4 days.

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I have also taken cialis, levitra and viagra. They only last about an hour.
My question is that I can not ejactuate except by manual or oral stimulation.
Does any one else have this problem? I never had this problem until I
started using ED drugs. I am 69 years old.

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I have taken Cilias this weekend. I have experienced some in my upper legs and goan area.

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