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I have been prescribed Actonel for a few years and each time I take it I have a burning sensation in the area under my right lower rib, near the gallbladder area. I hate to take it for this reason. I also take calcium and vitamin D each day. Can anyone suggest a different drug for osteoporosis?

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Just came from the Oral Surgeon and found out I have necrosis of the jawbone due to using Actonel and Boniva. I used Actonel since 2005. I started using Boniva last year. I am having a CT to see where the disease has spread and then we will decide what course of action to take. I'm not happy at all at this point. LKaren from Indianapolis Indiana

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prescribed actonel because dr said was starting to loose bone density took it for a few years then started to have pain in hip.couldn't sleep on hip, i walked with a limp. went to ortho who gave me cortisone shots,didn't help couldn't afford meds, gave up actonel. the pain in hip got better started taking actonel again not only did pain return in hip but teeth began to crack. dentist said never seen teeth crack all the way thru. have always brush & flossed. i believe it's because of actonel.

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I've been taking actonel for more than 10 yrs, after having back surgery/5th lumbar herniated disk. I lost some bone from surgery I did have some pain in my hip area/after surgery since taking the actonel once a week haven't had any pain. Reading all the negitive reply's makes me wonder if there are other reasons for the problems.

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When I started taking Actonel, my bone scan indicated that I was on the verge of Osteoporosis. Each scan since then has been higher and the osteo is no longer a factor in my life. I had been turned down for long term care insurance at the start of this and now qualify.

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I have taken Actonel for about 2 years. I stopped taking it May 2011 because I began experiencing extreme pain in my right hip, thigh, lower right leg and into my foot. My doctor did x-rays of my lower back, right hip and leg. The pain continued until I could barely walk and that was with using a cane as I was unable to carry my weight on that leg. I take Vicodin ES 7.5-750 tablets every 6 hours to control the pain. Also the x-rays showed no sign of a fracture. This pain is unrelenting and excruciating. I stopping taking Actonel on my own and do not intend to take it ever again.

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I recently learned from a Medical Doctor that long term use of actonel is not recommended. He said the it is usually discontinued after 5 years of use because after that time it can have the opposite affect such as increasing the chances of hip fractures. I noticed that all of a sudden after using it for 5 years my teeth have become brittle (not something that runs in my family). I have had 2 teeth crack in the past year. The dentist agrees that the medication may be the cause. My doctor, when I asked her about it, said I could discontinue its use if I want. I want. The side effects do not outway the benefits after 5 years.

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When I started taking Actonel years ago, I noticed my bloodpressure went up. One of the side effects on the medications information phamphlet is hypertenstion. So I stopped and my blood pressure went down. But the next Doctor I started seeing didn't think it was because of the medication I was taking, so put me back on it again. My blood pressure went up again and I felt really achey for about four days out of the week. (I was taking the weekly one). So I stayed on it for a couple of years, but took myself off it now, and I have normal blood pressure and feeling great again. I will not go back on that kind of medication again, even though I have osteoprosis in my right hip and spine. I'll excercise and take calcium and vitamin D and take my chances.

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I started taking Actonel once a week and after 2 years my Dexa reading improved slightly and no side effects were noted. Then, this past Aug. my doc switched me to once a month

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More research needs to be done before we can truly say that these drugs help. In my research, I have found that these drugs can cause brittle bone and not good pliable bone. I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and Osteopenia. I am trying to save my bones by diet and exercise. There are many sites on the internet that can help you. "Save our Bones" is one that I really like and am following. I feel the more drugs we use in our bodies the more problems we are going to have. Some are necessary, but we need to take charge of our bodies and do some research before we agree to taking most drugs.

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I have been on Actonel 35mg, one a week, now for 2 years. The doctor started me on this medication when I was in the osteopenia stage. During the treatment period I went to osteoperosis stage. I am now in the osteopenia stage again. I really would like to get off the medicine, after realizing the problem I could encounter with the jaw bone disease, which is rare, but nevertheless possible. I understand that actonel stays in the body for 10 years after stopping the medication. My dad had osteoporosis, so perhaps I made the right decision to take the drug.

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I am on actonel 70mg one a week, when i take this I black out for at least 5 hours and hear nothing or wake up when called. I take it on a day when i know i have nothing to do as I loose at least half a day. Have spoken to doctor and think it is related to the fact i have epylepsy. Wish I could stop taking it but have been advised against that as I am disabled on crutches and more likely to break bones if I leave the medication off and live with the osteroposis.

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I took Actonel 1x week for several years with improved Dexa scan readings. This April I switched to 1x month (doctor's sample). Disaster- aches, pains, generally feeling awful. Since May I'm on a total Actonel vacation, feeling much better, and my gerd problems have lessened significantly. Will never do the monthly again, and will decide after my next Dexa what to do.

67 yo female

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I've been on Actonel since April. 2008. I take it once a week. Haven't had a 2nd bone scan yet so don't know if it has helped me or not. With my insurance and hitting the donut-hole already this year, I will either have to go on a generic or stop taking it altogehter because as a new widow I don't have the money for expensive drugs. I have hit the donut hole every year in July since all this Prescrpition D started but this year I hit it in early June. Since June 11th when I refilled my 3 name brand medications I have had to spend $361.00, plus the full cost of my generics because my prescription coverage doesn't cover them now that I am in the DONUT-HOLE. I'm a 72 1/2 yrs old. i sure hope CONGRESS GETS SOMETHING DONE TO HELP US SENIOR CITIZENS.

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I started Actonel at the once a week scrip and progressed to the 150 once a month. On a few occasions, I've had leg cramps but take a couple vit. C 1000's and the cramps disappear. My bone scan has improved so much that I'm happy doing what I'm doing. I take 1200 units cal., 800 vit D, and magnesium every day. I'm 81 and still work and carry a pretty heavy load with volunteering etc. I'm not sure what will get me eventually but now I have a very healthy life and am able to do whatever I want other than the gynnastics and ice skating I love to watch. The best thing I've found to make me feel better is get involved helping those who can't or wont. Makes my day much brighter.

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Taken Actonel 150mg 5 months 4 osteoporosis.took it Thurs. morning & had a great day. By Fri. afternoon, my right jaw wrists back and feet were n pain. By Fri.night, every bone in my body hurt. Excruciating pain lasted all night. My narcotics were as placebo, as the sweat and tears poured. I had been up since 6am Fri. morning & finally slept about 5:30am Sat. morning after begging God for relief or death.Saw MD Tues severely dehydrated. I will never swallow another one.

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I was diagnosed with osteopenia and my endocrinologist prescribed Actonel 1 pill a week. I took this for many months and my last 2 bone density tests came back in the normal range. Then, I stopped seeing the endocrinologist and my primary doctor advised me to stop taking Actonel because some patients developed fractures of the femur. I discontinued taking it 5 months ago and will have a bone scan in a few more months.

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I was put on the once a month ACTONEL 150 mg. pill last week for osteoarthiritis. Now I keep tasting salt, even in water! Everything tastes very salty! Has anyone else experienced this side-effect? I'm a 77 year old female.

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I was taking actonel for 29months, developed hip and shoulder pain, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis 10 years ago. I am 49yers old, I am currently taking no medication for my condition, as the Rheumatologist is at a loss as to what to give me, as I am pre-menopausal.
Any help would be welcome. thanks
I still have some shoulder and hip pain, although it has subsided, I have not taken Actonel for two years now.
49 year old female.

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