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I have had two infusions of ReClast a year apart. The second was generic, but I was told it was the same drug. I had minor flu-like side effects with the first and significant problems with the second. The most significant one is radiating pain in the bone of one heel. Unless it subsides, I will not have the infusion again. I neither gained nor lost bone mass after the first infusion.

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Update: My heel pain was plantar fasciitis which has now gone. I am now symptom free five months later and will repeat the injection if there is bone density improvement.

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My bone density scan came back with increased decline of my numbers which shows Reclast is not working for me. I have been on it for two years. Doctor put me back on Boniva instead.

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ReClast infusion my first and last in November. Never Again. The mild flu like symptoms and joint aches along with low grade fever is NOT what I got. Reclast done at 10 am, by 4 I was limping, by 10 my husband had to lift me into bed as my back locked up . ER next morning as I was hitting 104 on the fever and couldn't get off the bed. It took 2.5 weeks before I was able to move freely again. Nearly a month later my back still hates me. I reported to Novartis and to FDA. Insert LIES.

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Had flu like symptoms like you mentioned, but went ahead with 2nd injections. No symptoms whatsoever. Have had 2 now & last density test showed bone rejuvenation. What works as everyone is different.

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i had my reclast infusion on june 6th. woke up the next morning, thought i was dieing. its been over 2 weeks now and still sick. can barely get off the couch, the fatigue is so extreme i feel faint all the time. can barely eat anything, have no appetite. the joint pain is tremendous. have and appt. with my dr. in a few days, so hopefully she can help me out here. not sure if i will subject myself to another dose of reclast.

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Recv'd Reclast infusion on a Wednesday and starting that night I developed extreme shaing like shivering but not becasus It would last for 20-30 minutes and then stop. It went on alternating 20 minutes of vilent shaking and 20 minutes or so of calm for 24 hours.. The next two days the the intervals between shaking and calm got longer and longer but I spent the better part of 3 days in bed.
This doesn't show up as a side effect of Reclast and my doctor wasn't aware of it either.
There were no other symptoms to indicate another illnes e.g. flu etc.

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How are you doing now? Doctors want me to do reclast as the drugs like fosomax cause me to much stomach problems. I am 61 and in good shape. I don't know what to do, frankly I am scared.

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Is there a way to receive this infusion any cheaper than $6000.00? (Medicine was $3000.00 and infusion/other hospital costs $3000.) My insurance share was 30% of this. Thanks.

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My intensive research on Reclast revealed that as of 10/19/2010 there are 22,960 people being studied for 1098 total side effects, including the #1 problem of osteonecrosis of the jaw (jawbone bone death, 47.57%; anemia, aortic stenosis, atrial fibrillation, left ventricular hypertrophy, bone spurs, renal failure, death. I only list a scant few. I went from a motocross racer who'd never broken a bone to a sick, crippled old woman at 52 because of Reclast after 1 infusion 12/09. Never again.

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I suggest anyone thinking of using Reclast should seriously check this medication out before using. I had an IV of Reclast 2/2009. I have never been so sick in my life. I had severe pain and serious breathing problems. So serious that my oxygen level dropped to 71. I have been using oxygen since then. I am slowly getting better but I will never use Reclast again. The side effects were almost unbearable. Keep in mind that this medication stays in your body for 1 year by binding to your bones.

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Anyone else advised by physician to take Calcium the week following the Reclast to minimize muscle pain?

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i was told to take calcium right after the first reclast i had. it made me so constipated that i stopped taking the calcium although i still take the vitamin d-3, 1000 units every day. i had a dexa scan last year,but was not informed of the results. no news is good news,i hope.

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Does asprin interact with Reclast?

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Not sure, am on Ecotrin 325 mg q day myself. Interesting to see if anyone can add to this question. Good luck!

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The MediGuard Drug Interaction System does not list an interaction between Reclast and aspirin. However, please speak to your doctor to make sure aspirin does not interact with any of your other medicines or medical conditions.

I have had 2 doses of Reclast, about 18 months apart. The first time was without incident; the second time, earlier this year, became a problem within weeks after receiving. I developed significant joint/muscle pain that was unacceptable. I had been started on Crestor about 6 months earlier ( while I was not on Reclast). Apparently the two drugs potentiated the side effects experienced. I am no longer a candidate for Reclast and the Crestor has been stopped.

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I had Reclast infusion Nov. 2009 and began experiencing joint popping in every joint imaginable. Has anyone else had this?

Also, now I have wrist pain and weakness. I no longer have osteoporosis. Fosomax did not work at all and I took it for 7 years. 63 year old female.

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I took 2 years of injectable Forteo to reverse osteoporosis, prescribed by my endocrinologist. He also put me on HCTZ (hydrochlorothiazide) to reduce the loss of calcium in urine. I guess it worked. My levels came back from -3.6 to -2.1 bone scan. At the end of 2 years of Forteo, I had a Reclast injection. I take extra calcium and vitamin D. Now I am suffering with hair loss and weight problems. Anyone else have this reaction?

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I had my first infusion of Reclast 1 month ago. The Dr. convinced me that Reclast was my only option since I was unable to take Fosamax or other oral meds for osteoporosis. About two weeks after the infusion I have suffered from severe lower back and hip pain. I've also experienced night sweats and pounding of heart. I finally went to an internal Dr. and was told I was having a reaction to the Reclast. I'm receiving PT for the back and hip pain, and it helps to relieve the pain somewhat. I'll never have this infusion again.

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I have had 2 infusions of Reclast in April 2009 and April 2010 and it appears to be helping the osteoporosis with no side affects. My problem is that I also have osteoarthritis in hips and hands. The pain from this is moderate to severe at times. Celebrex, which was prescribed interacts with Reclast according to I would like to know if anyone takes anything for arthritis that does not affect the kidneys. I am 71, female, very active and would like to continue to be.

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I have had two infusions of Reclast (over a two year period) and have had no side effects. I have however, had my severe osteoporosis backtrack to moderate osteopenia. I believe the Reclast, along with bone strengthening exercise, and diet/supplements have brought about this change. I hope in Aug. 2010 when I have my next DexaScan, I will have reversed my osteoporosis even further. My 3rd infusion will be in Sept. 2010.

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I had my first IV treatment of Reclast and did not have any side effects.
Woman - 64 years of age

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I had Reclast Infusion August 2009. It was prescribed because Fosamax had not helped my osteoporosis. I am experiencing lots of popping of my spine, no pain. Also, I now have wrist pain preventing me from lifting heavy pots & plates. I am not doing anything differently. Only another bone scan will tell if this procedure was worth it.

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I am gathering information on this med. to see if it would be ok. for my 75 years old mother to take this or not. please keep me up to date on your next bone scan. thanks, Fred

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I no longer have osteoporosis, in 9 months I gained 6%. Sorry I don't have the numbers, but I haven't seen the report yet. That's what the nurse told me. So I guess it is working. I also saw a study that had the elderly 80+ take DHEA, B12. I take 25mg three days week. And 2000 vitamin D3 plus 1600 calcium. I still have the popping of every joint which is just annoying, but doesn't hurt. I'll probably have reclast again. now 63yr old female. This account is under my husband's name : )

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have had significant reflux, nausea, and emesis following use-2-4 days after infusion

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No side effects from Reclast. Age 53, severe osteoporosis, can't take anything orally for it due to gastric bypass (which caused the osteoporosis).

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I am a 63 yr. old woman who received a reclast infusion 1 week ago. Within 5 hours my teeth on my left side began to ache, only intensifing over the next 6 days. I am taking 800 mg. of ibuprofin several times a day. I called my hospital and they informed me that it was not related to the reclast directly..but only a flu like symptom..of which I was to expect. I know of at least two other women who have also had this teeth/jaw pain...and it IS considered a side effect.

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Your entire comment could have been written by me; the teeth on the left side ached so, 4 mo. later one tooth is still affected: it is loose, and sometimes bleeds. Can't chew on that side. Dentist said it needs to come out, as a root canal won't help it. But he won't remove it till i've been off reclast for at least 4 mo. because the gum will not heal. He hates reclast and all others like it because of what it does to the jaw bone. He definitely does not want me taking it again. I don't know what I will do about my toothache for a year....

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I am unclear if Reclast and Zometa have the same chemical make-up but I've had 15 Zometa IV infusions (one each month for breast cancer that has metastisized to my bones) and had trouble after only one treatment...and that was because the infusion room nurse did not give me an adequate amount of saline prior to the treatment. Now, I get a 4 xs the saline I used to get prior to each infusion and no further problems. It is also very wise to drink lots of water before any kind of IV infusion. Perhaps Reclast users who are having pain after treatments need better hydration too? Just a thought.

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I had the Reclast infusion about 2 months ago. So far, I have not had any side effects that I know of. I am trying to get more exercise and take better care of myself, as I am getting to the age that I need to take better care of myself.

The only problem that might be related to the Reclast is that I have constant drainage in my throught and can hardly talk some times, as I get so choked up from the drainage. Don't know if this is a side effect from the Reclast or not. I have not asked my doctor about it, as I had a slight problem with drainage before I received the infusion. I had taken Fosamax and Boniva before I decided to try the Reclast. I had so much trouble with my stomach with both of those that my doctors suggested that I take the Reclast as it would not hurt my stomach. My biggest problem with Fosamax and Boniva was stomach problems. However, the drainage seemed to really get worse when I was taking them, but has really gotten bad since I had the Reclast infusion. I still don't attribute this to the Reclast for sure. I really can't complain, as I am not having the pain in my back that I had before I took the Reclast.

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I started taking the Zometa infusion, which is prescribed once a year, in November of 2008 for osteoporosis and for breast cancer to prevent the cancer from entering my bones although my cancer is very slow in metasticizing. I have experienced severe upper back pain during the first 3 months with an episode occuring during the next 3 months. This second episode was not as severe but very painful. The back pain does not bother me during the day but only when I try to get up during the night. I still have slight upper back pain but it's tolerable. I definitely associate this pain with Zometa.

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I had a reclast infusion last week. I felt fine the first day. The second day I had severe pain that started in my neck and shoulders and moved down my back and a bad headache, The pain did not stop for 2 days. Tylenol would not help. Finally the pain went away.

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