Safety Alerts & Recalls

Alerts for Olanzapine

Title Date Published Source
FDA Warns About Rare But Serious Skin Reactions with Mental Health Drug Olanzapine 2016-06-01
1 A Pharma und Hexal rufen mehrere Chargen Olanzapin Schmelztabletten zurück 2014-12-10
Retirada de Varios Lotes de Olanzapina Sandoz 10mg y 5mg Comprimidos Bucodispersables 2014-12-09
Axicorp Pharma ruft eine Charge Zyprexa Velotab 10 mg »axicorp« Schmelztabletten zurück 2013-12-30
FDA Investigates Reports of Two Deaths Following Injections of Zyprexa Relprevv (Olanzapine Pamoate) 2013-06-19
Hexal AG ruft mehrere Chargen Olanzapin Hexal 5, 10, 15 und 20 mg Schmelzfilm zurück 2012-09-18
Health Professionals Advised of Initiatives to Encourage the Reduction in Prescribing of Antipsychotic Drugs in Elderly Patients with Dementia 2012-05-31
Bundesinstitut ordnet für Antipsychotika Warnungen vor Nebenwirkungen bei Neugeborenen nach Anwendung im letzten Schwangerschaftsdrittel an 2011-12-22
Apotex Retira Del Mercado Un Lote Único De Olanzapina 15 mg Comprimidos Bucodispersables 2011-11-01
Product Information Updated Regarding Use of all Antipsychotic Medications During Pregnancy 2011-09-29
Información Actualizada Para Todos Los Antipsicóticos: Advertencias Durante Su Uso En El Embarazo 2011-08-12
Health Professionals Reminded to Closely Monitor Weight, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels In Patients Taking Atypical Antipsychotics 2011-04-06
Restlessness and Uncontrolled Movements Commonly Occur With Antipsychotic Medicine Use 2011-03-16
Labeling Change for all Antipsychotic Medications: Warnings Regarding Use During Pregnancy 2011-02-22
Antipsychotic Medicines May Raise Blood Clot Risk 2010-09-23
Eli Lilly and Company Publishes Notification of Stolen Products 2010-03-23
Lilly Changes Zyprexa Prescribing Information for Indication for Use in Adolescents (Ages 13 to 17) 2010-02-02
Newer Antipsychotics Associated with Significant Weight Gain With Short-Term Use in Children and Adolescents 2009-10-28
Antipsychotics Linked With Sudden Cardiac Death 2009-06-08
Newer Antipsychotics Linked to Heart Risks 2009-01-15
Weight gain associated with use of antipsychotics 2008-08-14
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