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New Boxed Warning on Older Class of Antipsychotic Drugs
Today's alert relates to a potential increased risk of death when "conventional" antipsychotics are used in older people with dementia. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it will now require manufacturers of "conventional" antipsychotic drugs, (such as perphenazine) to make safety-related changes to prescribing information, or labeling, to warn about an increased risk of death associated with the off-label use of these drugs to treat behavioral problems in older people with dementia. For More Information:
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More bottles of ETHEX morphine sulfate recalled
ETHEX Corporation has voluntarily recalled additional lots of morphine sulfate 60 mg extended release tablets, and specific lots of morphine sulfate 30 mg extended release tablets. These tablets may contain more drug than appropriate. The lot numbers affected were distributed by ETHEX Corporation between June 2006 and May 2008. The lot numbers involved in the recall are: Morphine Sulfate ER 30mg Tablet: Lots 75090, 77846, 77847, 80048, 83320, 89661, 89665, 90252 through 90258, and 93284 Morphine Sulfate ER 60mg Tablet: Lots 91762 (previously reported), 75091, 75092, 77848 through 77851, 82517, 82518, 83333, 83817, 83862, 84111, 84112, 84315, 84900, 85326, 85335, 85807, 86270 through 86276, 87723, 87939, 88007, 89083, 89668, 89669, 89821, 90260 through 90272, and 91763 through 91765. For more information, please visit:
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